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Viking Mars Missions

Education and Preservation Project

The Viking Mars Missions Education and Preservation Project is focused on preserving the history, artifacts, original documents, and data from the Viking Missions, to inspire current and future leaders and thinkers, and to instill collaboration and equity into missions of tomorrow.


This project is funded by individual donations and sponsorship by carefully selected entities that support the mission of global education with a special focus on STEM, collaborative learning, and international cooperation. These are the values that made Viking one of the most successful missions of its era and a leader that set precedent for all future missions.

mars-life-viking-landers-discovery-120412-676754-VL2 11-2-1976 Utopia Planitia.jpg     Mars_Valles_Marineris.jpg







Space programs of today are based on the successes and learnings of their predecessors as well as the innovations of new contributors and resources. As this world is rapidly shifting from government funded, collaborative academic efforts to commercial sector entities, with rapid global acceleration and shorter development cycles, it is important to understand the history of these successes, to integrate their lessons into future missions.

We begin this project using a one of a kind private collection that includes the Viking Mars Lander flight ready body (VL3), and the Viking Mars Mission artifacts and archives owned by Viking team member James E. Tillman, and his daughter Rachel Tillman. This collection is being curated and 
digitally archived, to develop and enhance new and existing exhibits and educational experiences focused on Viking and aerospace, to benefit the public.

Currently we are accepting queries from museums and institutes interested in hosting future installations.  We are also in discussion with educators and experts developing educational content that meets the focus and mission of the project. Our objective is to collaborate with others as well as create unique educational modules to accompany the installations and online experience to extend the "Reach and Teach" opportunities. 

We invite others who are developing educational Mars or Viking related curriculum to contact us for collaboration.